What are conkybots?

Conkybots are free and cool plug-ins for Conky. Conkybots are and always will be free under the GPL version 3.

This is a hobby project so updates may happen frequently or with a huge delay as I have time. The is no guarantee with Conkybots, just that I successfully use them on a variety of platforms every day.


Systembot showing memory stats

Shows various system stats including CPU, memory, up to four file systems and network. You can mouse over items to get more details.



Get a weather forecast for any region simply by entering the location code in a configuration file.

Coming soon

And in no particular order:

  • LauncherBot: Program launcher built into Conky.
  • TaskBot: Task manager built into Conky.
  • RSSBot: Display many RSS feeds with overlay details and click-through to the default browser.
  • ConfigureBots: A configuration program for ConkyBots.


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